Support through the school application process

October doesn’t just mean Halloween and darker mornings. For many of you, school selections are a big deal at the moment.

Determining the right school place for your child is so important and so challenging.

If your child has a diagnosed or suspected neurodevelopmental condition such as ASD or ADHD or if they need extra emotional support it can be a minefield.

The priority needs to be making the right choice based on understanding the child’s individual needs. The goal is of course to choose the right creating a learning environment where they can learn and thrive but how do you know where that place is?


Points to consider whilst making your school selection decisions

With the deadline for choices looming it may be causing some anxiety at home. We hope to help by offering a short list of considerations for you to think about when making your choices.
You will have hopefully been able to visit the schools pre lock down and read the prospectus. You may have spoken to other parents, children and possibly class or headteachers.
Combine all this information with a dash of sorting out logistical issues and a stir of gut feel and you will hopefully be close to making you top 5 choices.

If you are still unsure then please consider these areas when making your choices

  • Consider what support your child need currently and if that will be needed / available?
  • What will the transition look like for the child in terms of relationships between school, peer group moving, familiarisation opportunities etc?
  • Will their specific learning needs be met in the new learning environment?
  • Can the child work independently?
  • What are the practical logistics that the child will need to manage daily?
  • Is the child capable of learning in a classroom of 30?
  • Is the teacher able to adapting and accommodating learning to the individual’s need?
  • What pastoral support is available ?
  • What is the school’s philosophy?
  • What does the school see as ‘success’ for the student?
  • What is the SEN approach and how does it integration in the classroom?
  • What is the curriculum?
  • What resources are available in school?

Planning ahead

If you’re children are a little way off ‘big school’ and you are wondering where to start, then below are a few considerations
  • Talk to child – what do they think, what have they heard, where are their friends going, what concerns do they have?
  • Research local schools via their website and local social media forums on Facebook
  • Visit schools / virtual open days
  • Talk to the current educational team at primary school
  • Talk to other primary and secondary parents
  • Read OFSTED reports
  • Speak to the SEN team
  • Visit resources such as SENDIAS

Where can you turn if you need support?

We understand that the school transition can not only be exciting but is often unsettling and challenging.
If you need to talk to us about ways to manage the process or need to understand what underlying issues your child may be struggling with, then please get in touch and our neurodevelopmental team can help with both assessments and post diagnostic support.